Email Feedback from graduates.

 File:OfflineIMAP logo.png  One of the best aspects of teaching this course is that I am fortunate to meet the most amazing people. Parents and carers come to the course for a myriad of reasons - some want to find new skills for parenting, while others may be struggling in this most difficult, yet unappreciated, role. Attending a group focused on parenting allows people to safely share the joys, and difficulties, of being a parent.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the main ways parents find out about the P.E.T. course that I teach. I am touched that participants enjoy the course so much that they espouse its value to their friends and relatives. Here are a couple of email enquiries that came my way recently (with identifying information removed): "Hi Larissa. We have heard really good things about your PET course and were keen to find out more/enrol for the next course in May"; and "Hi - my friend has sung the praises of your course and I want to find out more".

Getting Fathers to Parenting Groups (without really trying)

Parent Effectiveness Training in the News: A summary of findings of a research project on men attending P.E.T. courses have recently been published in the Fatherhood Research Bulletin. This is an occasional publication of the ARACY Fatherhood Research Network, produced by Dr Richard Fletcher of the University of Newcastle. The published article is below. To see the poster from which this research was summarised, please look at our research and resources page.


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