Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T.)

P.E.T. is offered regularly in Canberra, Australia, with a minimum of one course per term.  The course runs for one three-hour session per week for eight weeks.  Generally courses are run at night, but can be run on an as-needs basis, such as during the day.  If you can gather a group together, we can deliver the course (minimum of 8 people). For information on courses run throughout Australia, please see Effectiveness Training Institute of Australia; and for courses internationally visit Gordon Training Internantional.
"I loved PET training with Larissa - it is gentle, respectful and has had a hugely positive influence on my interactions with my beautiful children who now speak openly about their feelings and share more with me about their days.  I was immediately comfortable with all of its principles and everything I learned made sense straight away to me. This was so valuable in a world of competing parenting advice from web sites, friends and relatives.  I wish all new parents were able to do this wonderful and life changing training. Larissa is easy to talk to and generous with her time and advice." Christina, parent of a 3 yo and 5 yo.
Private face-to-face sessions occasionally available. Renew your PET skills; complete the full course over flexible times; or one-off parenting sessions (including some availability via Skype). Please contact info@parentskills.com.au for further information.
Testimonial (face-to-face PET course)
My relationship with my two boys (age 8 and 10) had fundamentally changed for the better as the result of attending the PET course. Even though the course is of a short duration (approximately 8 modules over two months), we now have open communication.  I have significantly reduced control through power, and I avoid values based judgement. Instead, I now Actively Listen to their concerns, and use I-Messages to talk about my needs.  My two boys understand the impact of their behaviour on others, and are making their own decisions based on their own ability to process that information.  They genuinely appreciate this outcome.
Ben Cook, father of two boys, aged 8 and 10.

To enrol in a course in Canberra, please contact us at info@parentskills.com.au, or through the contact page.  We will be happy to answer your questions, and send you further information and an enrolment form for the next course.
Investment includes a workbook and a text book per person, or two workbooks and one text book per couple. 
PET Refresher Workshop
P.E.T. Refresher workshops for graduates, are held regularly.
Specialist courses
Larissa has run P.E.T. courses for specific groups (many on a funded basis), including:
  • Grandparents
  • Defence families
  • Young parents
  • Young mothers
  • Vulnerable families

School/Community presentations

We offer skills-based workshops to schools or organisations.  These talks can range from half an hour to half a day or a day.

Professional Development

Professional development courses are available for practitioners, teachers, and workers in the field.


We can offer sessions to suit the needs of your organisation. For example, we can provide a one hour 'lunch and learn'; a morning or day condensed course, or the entire P.E.T course over an agreed time period.  We can also develop a course in respectful communication skills or parenting, tailored to meet the requirements of your workplace.
Workplace testimonial:
"I approached Larissa to host a parenting skills lunch and learn session with my staff members as a part of our offices wellness program. Larissa supplied an excellent cross section of parenting skills including active listening and hot tips for happy parenting. The session was very well received by the staff who all learned something new to take away with them.
I liked that Larissa was well prepared and tailored the session to our particular needs. The session was interactive, interesting and a valuable learning tool.
I would recommend Larissa to any business looking to host a lunch and learn session for their staff members. She provided me with a fantastic service that I would definitely use again in the future."
K. Davis, DAON.


Individual P.E.T. coaching sessions for those who prefer one-on-one, or couple, training may be available.

Revision workshops

A three-hour P.E.T. Refresher workshop runs once a term for those who have completed the P.E.T. course.

Be Your Best

This course will be offered in the future.
Train the Trainer – P.E.T. Instructor Training Workshop.
Larissa is an accredited P.E.T. Instructor Trainer.