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Remembering To Adore Our Children, No Matter Their Age

Remembering to Adore Our Children, No Matter Their Age
Then, they looked up, to you – you were so wise
Now, they look down - and question your wisdom
Then, vegetables were the enemy
Now, vegetables are the hero of their own curries
Then, they publicly folded their hands into yours, ‘My Mum!’
Now, they keep a discrete distance, ‘We’re not related!’
Then, they bounced into your room at 5.30am, ready to eat life
Now, they come home at 5.30am, having tasted life

Infographic on Differences Between Parenting Approaches

Have you ever wondered about the differences between parenting approaches that are democratic, (include children in solutions when there is conflict), and behavioural parenting approaches, (rely on reward and punishment to change behaviour)? Here is a quick guide. For more information, please see: http://www.parentskills.com.au/blog/parent-effectiveness-training-how-ev...

Children Learn To Trust Themselves When Adults Trust Children

‘When I grow up, I will need to make decisions for myself, and to do this I will need to trust myself, to ‘give it a go’, or to ask for help. I must prepare myself for the possibility that I might make mistakes, and to know that I can learn from them. This will help me develop resilience and self-worth. When my parents show trust in me, I experience care and regard in a relationship of respect.

Peace Begins In The Home

This is one reason why I think using peaceful, no-lose conflict resolution skills with our children is important (and avoiding rewards and punishment). Read more: Teaching Children Skills To Peacefully Resolve Conflict

Children Are Not Responsible For The Way We Feel

I think this is one of the hardest realisations as parents - that we are responsible for how we feel. For further reading, Avoiding the Phrase 'Makes Me' and What to Say Instead

Helping Children Move To Changing Behavior Through Problem Solving

I hope to see my children change their behaviour because they are considering others (and themselves), rather than simply complying.

Valuing Time With Our Children


Remembering to value the time we get to spend with our children.Today.

For a poignant reflection on the journey of being the mother of a young adult son: When My Baby Grows a Beard.

Siblings - Friends For Life

When siblings learn to resolve their own disagreements peacefully, they are learning learning about respect in relationships.  http://www.parentskills.com.au/blog/secrets-sorting-sibling-squabbles