Parenting memes

When we do, children learn.

Using respectful communication skills with our children will model the skills, and help our relationship.

Respectful Communication Empowers Children

So often we underestimate our child. Respectful communication can help our children discover their full potential. (For a summary of respectful communication skills, please see:

Children Don't Misbehave

Children don't misbehave. Instead, they behave to meet a need. Problems happen when their need conflicts with ours (Thomas Gordon, Parent Effectiveness Training, P.E.T.). Perhaps the first step we could take is to respond to the underlying need, rather than react to the surface behaviour. To share this meme on Facebook:

Inspire Your Children To Eat Their Greens - Watch This Dog!

Our dog loves picking peas fresh from the vine, then crunching them down.  We thought this might be fun to watch with your children.  After all, if dogs like their peas . . .


Trust Children to Care

When we trust our children to care about us, and about those around them, then we gift them with respect and acceptance.  And we don't take their behaviour personally. To find this meme on Facebook: